This is a free international catalog of children's camps.

We are not better, we are different. Publishing information about camps is absolutely free. The subscription fee is paid by those camps that want to offer parents additional services for booking. Another paid service is the fully automatic sale of a voucher to the camp including electronic recipt issuing. A commission is charged from the seller. The value of the commission is the lowest on the market. The description of camps is as very detailed and the vouchers options are flexibly configured.

In order for information about your organization to appear on our website, you need to register as a camp, fill out a description of the camp, describe the types of accommodation you have for your children, indicate the start and end dates of sessions, describe your programs, create at least one “voucher” object — this is the type accommodation + session + program. To start automated sales you need to sign an agreement with us as well as join to the payment system. Do not be afraid, our manager will help you with this.

If you are in doubt about buying a voucher and want to talk with a representative of the camp before buying, you can use the "book" button. After entering the data, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation and contact details of the selected camp. A representative of the camp or our manager will contact you shortly.

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